Forget about waiting for a long and complicated website design and development proposal with a company you don’t know and mostly outside of the USA. With OvidMediaGroup -OMG! you can expect a fully functional and customized website before you purchase it, with no pressure, obligation or controct. - that simple! Your new websites will be mobile , responsive, super fast , secured, and optimized for Google. For your peace of mind try your website before you pay it. Some of the top brands in the word from the World Disney Company and Mercedes-Benz to Sony Music and The New York Times use our website development platform, WorldPress
So for you peace of mind you can trusted the website or App designed and build by Ovid Media Group- OMG!

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It's fast, safe and easy. Ready to start with a mobile , responsive, secure, fast and Google optimized website, with no contract or obligation. Here's how.


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Ovid Media Group - OMG! will research and analyze your industry and forward you a customized, mobile, responsive, mobile, secure, fast and Google optimized fully funcional website or app not a photoshop mockup.

If you already have a great working website there's is no need to rebuild a new one. You might just need help refreshing it or doing some optimization to rank better on Google and have goo user experience (UX). If your team does not have time to keep with the new updates to keep your website secure or add new product or a blog Ovid Media Group - OMG can do it for you, with one of our economical and comprehensive monthly maintenance plans customized fo you particular needs.


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Once we speak with you, you will be assigned your Website Integrator Director Assistant (WIDA) which will be working with you for any further customization you might want or need before moving your new website to your website hosting company.


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Your new customized, mobile, responsive , secure, fast and Google optimized website is ready to start making sales.

If you have an e-commerce website, we provide a shopping cart integration with Rezdy.

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