Digital Content Writing

At OMG, we are experts at creating powerful and compelling website content that will resonate with your clients and prospects.

We create engaging and optimized content.

SEO/Search Engine Optimization

OMG crafts engaging content using the best, most up-to-date search engine optimization (SEO) practices that are key to increasing your search engine rankings and growing your website traffic. Our content development team will perform a keyword search to identify the best keywords and long tail keywords for your website. All content will be written employing these keywords in the most strategic manner for maximum impact.

Custom SEO Content

OMG will write customized website content that best fits your organization’s needs. We view every page of your website as an opportunity to engage, inform, influence, build trust, share on social media, or close a sale. Robust SEO website content development that includes new and regularly updated content is fundamental to increasing your website traffic and improving your ranking on search engines.

It's important that you Website has well-written content including your:

About Us Page

Your About Us page should clearly and succinctly establish what your company does and differentiate you from your competition. This page must tell visitors why they need you and how your company can help them. The About Us page should engage, inform, build trust, and make your visitors want to continue connecting with your brand and your website.

Professional Bios

The About Us section of each website is the ideal place for Professional Bios and photos of key personnel. Your company’s bios should be succinct, professional, and yet friendly in tone. Each bio should explain the individual’s role in terms that are easy to understand. Contact information should be provided for each bio.

Product Copy

Every website needs a section dedicated to describing the company’s product and services. These pages are the heart and soul of your website and must educate, engage, and motivate your visitors to purchase. It’s key to keep this section of the website accurate and up-to-date as products change and new items are added or discontinued. Strategically placed CTAs (Calls to Action) are key content on these pages.


Articles provide an opportunity to share news and information about your products, services, brands, or industry news. Regularly scheduled articles might cover the latest product innovations, interviews with company leaders, new product or service announcements, company growth, and much more. Articles are generally written in the third person. Another plus: Articles are highly shareable on social media and can build website traffic. Last but not least, articles can link back to key areas of your website.


Blogs are a more informal type of content often written in the first person. These shorter content formats are ideal for sharing a quick piece of news, demonstrating thought leadership, or expressing an opinion. Blogs enable you to make a personal connection with your web audience. In addition, blogs are ideal for sharing on your social media platforms and driving readers to your website. Finally, blogs can be linked back to different sections on the website.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) is where your website visitors will find highly useful information in one place on your site. Well written FAQs can improve user experience by providing answers to commonly asked questions and then linking your users back to those sections with more in-depth answers and information. FAQs can also improve your organic search by discussing topics and employing keywords often used in web searches for your industry or your company. Finally, FAQs can play an important role in customer relations by providing answers to basic questions that might have otherwise generated a call.

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