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Ovid Media Group-OMG!

Do you want to own a business?

Want to make $10k to $20k per month?

If so, OMG! has a great business opportunity for you! No investment or major time commitment is necessary.

You will be an independent contractor as Director of Sales, with the ability to work whenever and from wherever you choose. OMG! doesn’t manage your time or schedule, we only give you qualified leads to help you succeed.

Every company needs a professional website to acquire more customers. We help by offering customized websites to companies that are looking for better, fast, mobile and optimized sites. 

You have the freedom to choose the industry you want to sell websites. We build all types of websites from simple medical sites, to restaurants and retail, to large and complex e-commerce sites in the technology and travel industries!


What’s in it for you 

Your commission will be:

-15% of total websites sold, paid weekly. 

-10% for Monthly Maintenance Plans as long as clients renew their plans and you remain with the company.

-5% of the total sales of any team you train and manage that reports directly to you. You decide what percentage of your commission you want to pay them. 

This is a numbers game. Some teams only make $5,000 per month, while our lead sales team makes over $25K per month. 


Who are we?

We are a web development and digital marketing group that builds great, mobile, responsive, secure, fast and optimized websites. Our team consists of experienced designers, programers and expert marketers who deliver the most secure, user friendly and Google optimized websites in the market.


Our company has the most unique approach to building and selling websites in the industry.


OMG! first creates the website and then calls the prospect client to sell them their customized site. This gives clients the opportunity to interact with their new site. 


Your Job

You will contact a list of qualified leads that need websites for your to offer our website development and digital marketing services. It only takes a few hours a day to follow up with your clients. All you only need to do is have the client open the link to their new and improved website. Period.

There are no complicated proposals, long presentations, or hefty deposits. Instead we simply show the client their customized and affordable website to showcase their company’s brand and our capacity and skills.

If they want it, we make any changes they may request. If they don’t want it, we delete it.

By building the customized website first, we show prospective clients the commitment and trust we have in our quality work as well as providing a simple sales process for you.


3 Easy Steps Sales Process:

1. We call/email/text the client and share a link of the their new, customized, mobile and optimized website.

2. Client interacts with their customized site and we make any changes they might want.

3. We transfer the data file to their hosting company and the website goes live.

Our implementation team does all the work. First, we take the time to analyze your industry and your website while also creating a presentation of a suggested website that we have built for your company. Our customization and implementation team meets with you to go over any changes you may want.  We make your requested changes within 72 hours. Then, we forward you the newly revised website for you to approved before we transfer the database files to your hosting company ( ex. godaddy ) and make the website live. 


Sample of websites we’ve done:

Zuma Entertainment (old) (new)

Anthony Electric (old) (new)

San Fernando Valley Chamber (old) (new)

Las Vegas Shuttles (old)  (new)

National Park Express (old) (new)

If interested in working together with us as a Sales Director call Mandi Diamond, VP of Sales at (305) 927-9969

Get your customizable and personalized website today!

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